The Maternal Roots of The Gift Economy Conference

Presented by Feminist Center for the Study of the Gift Economy and International Feminists for a Gift Economy

April 25-27, 2015, Rome, Italy

Part 1 | Part 2

Daniela Falcioni

The Ability to Give Ties us to Others

Francesca Brezzi

Philosophy of the Gift

Q & A – Philosophy of the Gift

Tracy Gary

Redesigning the Future: The Grace of Women’s Giving, Feminist Teamwork, Gift Economy

Jodie Evans

Giving is the Gift

Q & A

Gifts, Money and Activism

Erella Shadmi

The Jewish Tzedakah (Gifting) Community

Camilla Martinez

The Great Gift of Indigenous Sacred Medicine

Letecia Layson

The Maternal Roots of The Gift Economy Conference

Morena Luciani

The Gift of Ritual and Female Shamanism

Vicki Noble

The Natural Gift of Female Healing

Angela Giuffrida

The Conceptual Foundations of the Gift Economy

Susan Petrilli

Mother-sense in the Study of Signs

Luigino Bruni

The Grammar of Munus: Inhabiting the Ambivalence

Q & A

Theory of the Gift, Part 1

Alberto Castagnola

The Gift Between Economy in Crisis and a New Imaginary

Augusto Ponzio

The Gift in Lovers’ Discourse

Simone Woerer

The Crisis of the Gift

Angela Miles

Escape from ‘Gender’: Mothering and the Gift Economy

Q & A

Theory of the Gift, Part 2

Q & A

End of Conference

Part 1 | Part 2

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