Temple of Sekhmet


I was born with the sun in Virgo, the moon in Aries and with Capricorn rising, in the year of 1961.

I have been caretaker of the goddess temple on a beautiful piece of land called Cactus Springs, since 1993.

It has been a most incredible opportunity for me personally to gain strength and goddess clarity in my own life, and to share with others through prayer, dance, song, ritual, laughter, and tears at this most blessed place.

The "Temple" was built with the help of the CHAOS affinity group, members of the staff of the Foundation and the ever present gifts of the mother. The Madre del Mundo and the goddess Sekhmet were created by the hands of Marsha Gomez with the inspiration of Genevieve Vaughan. The Virgin of Guadalupe, also graces the temple. This is a very powerful special place for all who come here.

I came out here for prayer, and to listen to this piece of land. To hear what she has to teach me. Surrounded by the Nevada Test Site, Indian Springs Air Force Base, and Nellis Air Force Base, the land has had assault upon assault upon her soil. I feel that the "Temple" has great potential to heal this piece of Mother Earth, to bring back the fertility of the land and the inherent beauty of this place. My life is devoted to caring for the Good Mother and to continually aligning my own life so that I am living with Gaia, and not adding to her destruction. This has meant simplifying my life which has not been easy. With all the ways of modem living it is a continual struggle to shed all the non-essentials for the health of us all.

Some dreams and goals I have are to construct goddess temples throughout the country and the world at key places, where the Mother needs healing. Such as the 'peace pagodas' that have been constructed at Buddhist Temples, to enliven that particular power place and to bring back the worship of womins' way.

I also see the native ways and goddess ways as overlapping and integral to bringing our planet into healing. I feel that prayer and ritual are the most important parts of living, period. It helps keep the balance. I would like to have land near the Canadian border, close to the International Peace Park, where native and goddess cultures work singularly and together teaching the young children.

The "Temple", is a rich and beautiful place that gives insight and solace at this time of greater and greater spiritual crisis.